Thank you for talking to us about My Viva Plan® at the 2023 MGMAC conference! With My Viva Plan your practice will see benefits such as:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automate the creation and delivery of personalized health plans, maximizing your time to build stronger patient relationships.

  • Empowered Patients: Equip your patients with the tools they need to self-manage their care, boosting their confidence and fostering better health outcomes.

  • Improved Patient Engagement: Foster lasting connections with your patients through progress tracking, accountability, and easy-to-understand reports.

  • Optimized Clinical and Financial Outcomes: Harness the power of personalized care to achieve better results for your patients and your practice.

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12-Week Cardiometabolic Research Study Results

Cardiometabolic Research Study Results

My Viva Plan was built by clinicians for clinicians and individuals. It has been clinically validated and a third-party economic evaluation by Institute of Health Economics to prove ROI.

• Type 2 Diabetes: Decrease 18 cases per 1,000 patients

• Ischemic Heart Disease: Decrease 7 cases per 1,000 patients

• Deaths: 1 less per 1,000 patients

• Public Purse: $1.3M saved per 1,000 patients

My Viva Plan is the Solution

My Viva Plan® is a digital health program that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to engage users in self-care which is the most important component to changing course for people who battle with mental health issues and lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure. By integrating this program into health plans, together, we will positively change the trajectory of health in North America.

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