Case Studies


Category: Heart Health

This case study examines a 34-year-old female as she seeks dietitian services.

The client presented with a weight of 268lbs, blood pressure of 127/86 mm Hg, LDL cholesterol of 3.7 mmol/L, and HDL cholesterol of 1.4 mmol/L. She also reported binge eating 4-5 times per week and had a “very high” stress level in all but one indicator of the initial stress assessment on My Viva Plan®.

The client started using My Viva Plan and had regular check-ins with a registered dietitian. The client also started to see the teams registered psychologist. After three weeks of treatment the client’s binge eating decreased significantly, and after 27 weeks of treatment the client reported a decrease in all indicators of stress. After one year of treatment the client presented with a weight loss of 12%, (236lbs), a decrease in her blood pressure into the optimal range (120/68 mmHg), a decrease in her “lousy/low” LDL to 3.5 mmol/L (~5% decrease), and an increase in her “healthy/high” HDL to 1.5 mmol/L (~7% increase).

My Viva Plan proved to be a successful tool in helping this client reduce her weight, decrease her binge eating frequency, and improve overall health outcomes.