Through My Viva Plan® you’ll learn to take control of your health and establish new, healthy, long-term lifestyle habits.
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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy, it requires balancing your nutrition, exercise and mental health. 



Having a healthy mind is the first step to living a healthy lifestyle. Stress is unavoidable. When it’s poorly managed, this prevents us from achieving our goals. My Viva Plan takes you from a state of surviving, to managing better and even thriving.


My Viva Plan takes an evidence-based approach to helping you learn what balanced eating is and how it can help you reach your health goals as part of your daily routine.



Adding fitness to your life is a fantastic way to reduce stress and stay in shape of course! Our fitness content is curated by personal trainers and kinesiologists.

My Viva Plan® makes it easy for you to achieve your health goals with:

  • Customized grocery lists

  • Individualized meal plans

  • Daily habit tracking

  • Progress reports

  • Weekly wellness tips

  • Individualized exercise programs

  • Dietitian/Chef approved recipes

  • On-demand meditation programs

  • Access to registered healthcare professionals*

*Additional charges may apply

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