You Matter

You Matter

I’ve been working in the health and wellness industry for 23 years. As someone whose job (Registered Dietitian) by description should simply be about food, I have found in my career that improving a client’s health is much more complex than telling them how to eat better. Some of the most powerful moments with clients comes from two simple words: “You Matter.” These two words never fail to make clients tear up as they hear, for maybe the first time in their life, that they and their health truly matter.

The truth is healthier people are happier, more productive and overall have a better quality of life.  Our health is not something we think about living without until we get sick. Think about when you’ve had a cold or flu – how inconvenienced did you feel? Now imagine living with a chronic illness for the rest of your life. Some things in life are difficult to understand without fully experiencing them, but our health is something we need to take control of before it deteriorates.  Poor health costs us so much – money, time, happiness and the list goes on and on.

Health is a result of a compilation of many little things that add up to bigger things in a week, month or a year. How we engage our mind, fuel our body and move our body are all interconnected and impact both mental and physical health. It’s that simple. We intuitively understand that we need to nourish our body and move our body, but somewhere along the journey of life we have forgotten the power of these basic things.

This is why I wanted to create My Viva Plan.

We built My Viva Plan to be a resource for people to manage their own health and ultimately help them live better, longer. It is designed to help people visualize and plan their world and support them with simple tools they can use to manage their life. It helps highlight the power of the basics: how you fuel your body, move your body, and manage life stressors. Our integrated approach is a digital solution customized to empower you to take the lead on managing your own health.


By Loreen Wales, CEO of My Viva Plan