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My Viva Plan® is a Lifestyle Medicine solution for Chronic Disease that streamlines care delivery:

  • Optimize Medical Visits

  • Deliver High-Quality Care

  • Extensive Education Focus

  • Real-Time Adjustments

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Clinical Impact

Out of 100 patients living with metabolic syndrome,
My Viva Plan® can:

• reduce the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes by 18 cases,

• reduce Ischemic Heart Disease by seven cases, and

• prevent one death per 100 over the course of 10 years.


My Viva Plan is the Solution

My Viva Plan® is a digital health platform designed to help patients manage chronic conditions with personalized, evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine treatment plans. Evidence suggests that patient self-management, particularly when supplemented by professional healthcare services, enhances patient empowerment and leads to better health results.

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