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We'll cover 4 key steps:


Step 1

Learn more about My Viva Plan


Step 2

Learn about the Clinician Management System


Step 3

Receive access to Clinician Management System


Step 4 

Register for upcoming training sessions


Learn more about My Viva Plan

My Viva Plan is a comprehensive program that integrates the three main pillars of health: mind, nutrition, and fitness. The program uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies to engage users in self-care. Through the use of robust algorithms, My Viva Plan will generate customized comprehensive care plans for your clients, which will improve your efficiency and help support your clients.

Video Resources:

The following are a variety of different videos reviewing the overall program and different specific areas.



Learn about the Clinician Management System

The Clinician Management System is the portal to view and manage client data. There is also reporting functions available.

Review these video resources to learn more:

    • Uploading A New Client
    • Viewing Baseline Report
    • Running Reports


Upload My Viva Plan's digital prescription to your EMR

This will be sent to you in an individual e-mail, and can always be found in your supplied google drive folder. 


Start prescribing My Viva Plan to your patients

a. When counseling patients that would benefit from lifestyle changes bring My Viva Plan
into the conversation

b. Print out the Digital Prescription which contains the URL link/QR Code for them to access your private landing page

Monthly reports will be sent with number of patients that have created their My Viva Plan account. Transfer of funds will be made at this time.  

Next Steps

To maximize your My Viva Plan exposure - How to Market My Viva Plan In Your Practice | My Viva Inc. 

Please send any questions to Heather at or 587-415-8666.

We will schedule calls on a regular basis to provide you with support and answer any questions.