The Importance of Dreaming for Travel

The Importance of Dreaming for Travel

Since Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson starred in The Bucket List that debuted in theatres Christmas of 2007, it seems everyone has created a bucket list of their own. These two big-name stars played characters unlikely to be friends yet brought together by cancer. While contemplating their mortality, the two men created a list of things they wanted to accomplish before they ‘kicked the bucket,” hence The Bucket List. The two men checked themselves out of the hospital and pursued their list of experiences with gusto.


Move from Dreaming to Planning

Dreams sustain us. But dreaming alone gets you nowhere. Dreams lead to goals, and goals to actions. What will you do to start on your bucket list?

What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to meet? What experiences are at the top of your list?

Some employers require vacation requests for the year ahead be made in January. Vacation is something we dream about. Why not pour yourself a cup of something hot, get your notebook out and plan your 2018 vacation. Is this the year you trek Machu Picchu Inca Trail or is it a long-weekend train-trip to Jasper?

Either way—dream. Make this year’s bucket list and add some places you want to go in the future.

Search Netflix for videos by travel experts (I particularly like Rick Steves). See what they have to say about your considered destination. Visit the travel section of your library and bookstore. Immerse yourself in the pleasure of travel planning.

And then, find time on your calendar and money in the bank account to get out there and experience your bucket-list destinations.


Take Your Time

The truth is, I’m not a full fan of bucket lists. Especially when the list is much like a shopping list: grab it off the shelf, toss it in your cart, tick the box––next aisle. I see folks in my travels at Lake Louise, Niagara Falls, Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace: snapping a selfie and asking, “What’s next?”

The items on your bucket list are experiences to be savoured. Be sure to slow down, enjoy the anticipation, the planning, the doing, and the reflecting on what has been done.



By Timothy Fowler – Writer and Traveler