Prevent and manage chronic health conditions with My Viva Plan®

Prevent and manage chronic health conditions with My Viva Plan®

We have helped thousands of Canadians take control of their
health and establish new, healthy, long-term lifestyle habits

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How it works

My Viva Plan® is a digital health program that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to engage users in self-care which is the most important component to changing course for people who battle with mental health issues and lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure.

Mental and physical health do not function independently, they are deeply integrated with one another. While you may need medication or other mental or physical therapies to help manage your health, nothing can ever replace self-care.

We help you take control of your health through the 3 pillars of self-care:

Mind. Nutrition. Fitness.

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What we can help with

My Viva Plan is a single, cost-saving solution for multiple health problems. At least 80% of all heart disease, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes and over 40% of cancers could be prevented through adopting healthier lifestyle habits. This is where we come in – to prevent and manage chronic health conditions.


Simplified diabetes prevention and  management with quality checks.


Heart Health

Manage and lower high blood pressure over time through healthy habits.



Support to help you achieve a healthier weight and make changes that stick.


Mental Health

Cope with stress through research-based mindfulness methods.

Gut Health

Empower you to understand what foods work for you to manage your condition.


General Health

Behaviour change that leads to better long-term health outcomes.


Family Health

Meeting your nutrition, fitness and mental health needs as a family.


Chronic Diseases

Manage chronic diseases by making important nutrition and lifestyle changes.



"One of the most useful things about My Viva Plan is the flexibility of the meal planning feature. Having the ability to build my own meal plan according to my preferences and creativity is awesome, but the 'Build It For Me' option is also super useful for those days when you need a bit of inspiration or some ideas for your weekly meals."

Lisa Lindquist, Revive Wellness Inc.


"I find My Viva Plan useful for allowing clients to gather objective data about their life so they can build self-awareness, gain clarity about their journey forward, and confidently execute a plan to meet their goals. It's also great for helping my clients understand what impacts their eating habits and how their eating habits impact other parts of their health and lifestyle."

Brandon Gruber, Revive Wellness Inc.

Registered Dietitian

What My Viva Plan® can do for you
(Case Studies)

As regulated health professionals, we stand by My Viva Plan® and want you to try it with the full confidence that, together, we can help you take control of your health. Here are some case studies and outcomes from users of My Viva Plan®.

How charged is your battery?

How does stress affect your health? For many, stress affects our bodies more than we know. It can affect your sleep, your physical well being, relationships, decision-making, and chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death. Not to mention, stress can often be a barrier to reaching many of your health and wellness goals. Take our quiz to find out how stress is affecting your health.

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We help you manage a variety of health conditions through health coaching available in My Viva Plan®

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Can I claim My Viva Plan® using Health Benefits?

If you have a health spending account, you will be able to submit the cost of a yearly plan for coverage by submitting the receipt you receive via email once you have signed up. This receipt CAN NOT be submitted to extended health benefits for coverage.

If you have extended health benefits that cover Registered Dietitian services, you may be able to claim the cost for a yearly program. To do so, you MUST book an individual coaching session with one of our Registered Dietitians (an additional cost). Once you have signed up for a yearly program, go to our coaching section to book your individual nutrition coaching appointment. You will receive a separate receipt via email to submit to your benefits provider for reimbursement once you have completed the appointment with your dietitian.