5 Ways to Enjoy Sriracha

5 Ways to Enjoy Sriracha

If you are a fan of this popular spicy sauce, you probably want to put it on everything! Well, we’ve done some experimenting and here are our five favourite ways to use sriracha:


1. Spice Up Your Morning Routine

For those who like a savory and sweet combination, add a splash of sriracha sauce to your toast and peanut butter in the morning, or to your oatmeal. It may sound strange, but you won’t regret trying this combination! For a more traditional approach, try adding hot sauce to an omelette or scrambled eggs.


2. Dress Up Your Dressings

To add some spice to your salads, try making traditional homemade vinaigrette and add a dash of sriracha. Take it one step further and add sriracha to your homemade pasta sauces and marinades.


3. Spicy Snacks

Add some kick to your afternoon snack by tossing chickpeas with lime and sriracha before roasting them in the oven. If you are having friends over, try out sriracha cauliflower “wings” for a healthy and flavorful snack option.


4. Heat Up Your Veggies

Sriracha can add flavor to any vegetable- drizzle it on roasted asparagus, brussel sprouts or broccoli- you name it. Also try making hummus with sriracha to add a spicy twist to your favourite dip, and serve with fresh veggies.


5. Slow Cookers and Sriracha

If you are tired of your go-to meals, spice things up by adding sriracha to your favorite slow cooker chicken or pork recipe. You can also add it to slow cooker stews and soups!

So mix it up! Try these tasty ways to enjoy sriacha plus you’ll be happy to know there are health benefits to hot sauce – read about it here.