Case Study 3: Pre-Diabetes


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This case study examines a 59-year-old pre-diabetic woman as she seeks dietetic services. The client presented with a starting weight of 370lbs and an A1c of 6.2% that put her into the pre-diabetic category. Based on the Framingham Risk Assessment her risk of cardiovascular disease was elevated 10%, and she presented with a heart age of 73, with her starting …

Case Study Image 1: Diabetes Prevention


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A gentleman in his 50’s was recently diagnosed with diabetes with an A1C of 7.0%, Fasting Blood glucose of 7.9 mmol/L, and an HDL of 0.97 mmol/L.  This client had previously quit smoking and was concerned with his current weight at 230lbs.  The client’s doctor had recommended seeking out Registered Dietitian support, to start home blood glucose monitoring and revaluate …