My Viva Inc. Empowers Women's Health Globally: CEO Loreen Wales Leading Women's Health Advocacy on National and International Fronts

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, March 8, 2024 -- My Viva Inc., a digital health organization based in Alberta, is making a difference in women’s health on a national and international scale. By collaborating with partners worldwide, the organization aims to close the gap in access and equality in healthcare.

While healthcare often operates in silos, My Viva actively seeks collaboration, recognizing how this is vital in closing the gap in health equity.

“If we want to foster real change for women’s healthcare, it will take a like-minded village to make that happen,” said Loreen Wales, CEO of My Viva Inc. “It is bigger than any one individual or group.”

Wales was recently appointed to the board of the Women's Health Coalition of Canada, where she will lend her expertise to help shape women’s health policy and advocate for improved access to healthcare for women across Canada. The coalition advocates for policy changes and funding for women's health research and care across Canada.
“Loreen is inspiring the WHC to imagine a future in women's health that will be very different than the biases they face today,” shared Carmen Wyton, Chair of the Women's Health Coalition. “She is connecting the WHC to global influencers and thought leaders sharing pathways that will significantly improve health experiences for women anywhere.”

Wales was also selected as Canada's only female healthcare professional to lead a multi-jurisdictional ITEA4 project (Innovation and Technology for European Advancement). The ‘TREAT’ project kicked off in January of this year.

Looking ahead, My Viva is excited about further research being done on women's unique health challenges with researchers at the University of Alberta, which will provide insight from a patient and clinical perspective. Leading the charge on the research is another influential female, Dr. Carla Prado, who received an AB Innovates grant to conduct a study using My Viva Plan to support women survivors of gynecological cancer.

Through these efforts, My Viva Inc is committed to collaborating with industry, academia, social enterprise, and non-profit organizations to create a world where women’s health is prioritized and equitable.

About My Viva Inc.

My Viva Inc. provides digital solutions for healthcare professionals that increase efficiency and improve patient health outcomes. With My Viva Plan®, clinicians can automate the creation of personalized and evidence-based patient self-care plans. The digital application enables patients to take control of their health, preventing and managing chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

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