My Viva Inc. Adds Integrated Lifestyle Medicine Leader to Its Team

My Viva Inc. announced today that it has added industry leader Dr. Prerana Rudrapatna, MD, DipABLM, BHSc., to its team in the newly created position of Chief Medical Liaison. Dr. Rudrapatna’s expertise will complement My Viva Inc.’s team of licensed healthcare professionals focused on developing and implementing My Viva Plan®, the company’s flagship technology platform designed to improve healthcare practitioner efficiency and impact.

Dr. Rudrapatna has a passion and body of work focused on lifestyle medicine. Her 5+ years of experience includes public speaking, health promotion, and program planning through the lifestyle medicine lens, empowering people to take ownership of their well-being by making positive health behaviour changes.


“Prerana is a thought leader in the application of lifestyle medicine into conventional healthcare delivery models such as those followed by most general practitioners and chronic-disease specialists,” said Loreen Wales, CEO of My Viva Inc.

The Chief Medical Liaison’s role will be to lead discussions with clinics, PCNs, Family Health Teams, and other healthcare organizations across Canada and elsewhere in their efforts to implement My Viva Plan as a better way to engage patients and manage their practices. By leveraging the tool to create personalized and evidence-based self-care plans, healthcare professionals empower their patients in self-managing their conditions between visits, resulting in better clinical outcomes and increased efficiencies for their practice.

As the healthcare industry shifts towards a patient-centric approach, the demand for effective patient self-management has never been greater. My Viva Inc. is proud to have a growing list of clients keenly interested in empowering their patients to take an active role in managing their health. By combining lifestyle medicine with conventional care delivery models, My Viva Inc. is at the forefront of this movement, providing innovative solutions that improve clinical outcomes and practice efficiencies.

Dr. Rudrapatna commented, “After seeing dozens of patient-oriented health apps, I’m very impressed by the My Viva Plan solution as a great proven, evidence-based asset for physicians and allied healthcare providers to empower patients with the tools and knowledge they need to make sustained lifestyle and behaviour changes crucial to improve their health. MVP’s design as a tool to help physicians deliver this information with less work will positively impact their job satisfaction, and they’ll be making a bigger impact.”

Her unique experiences while living and studying abroad in St. Vincent and Chicago, allowed her to form rich relationships with patients. She is also a professor teaching many lifestyle-based approaches to the evolution of care delivery to physicians and allied health professionals.

About My Viva Inc.

My Viva Inc. provides digital solutions for healthcare professionals that increase efficiency and improve patient health outcomes. With My Viva Plan®, clinicians can automate the creation of personalized and evidence-based patient self-care plans. The digital application enables patients to take control of their health, preventing and managing chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

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