An effective solution for your patients living with chronic disease

Provide your patients with a non-drug solution that has validated outcomes. My Viva Plan will maximize your efficiency, increase clinic capacity with no external technology to integrate.

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Increase Clinic Capacity

By giving your patients an all-in-one program, My Viva Plan helps your entire clinic do more in the same amount of time or less.

Maximize Your Efficiency

You can use My Viva Plan to provide your clients with the best possible round-the-clock care when they are not in contact with you.

No External Technology to Integrate

A more engaged and healthier clientele is the best marketing you can do for your business to get more Return on Investment.

Your Practice

While your clients may come to you for help with specific health issues, this may not be the only thing they need. By adding My Viva Plan to your practice, you can provide them with everything they need to live a healthier life. Therefore, you become more beneficial to your clients and give them more tools to get engaged and focus on different aspects of their health.

My Viva Plan assists different types of healthcare professionals with patient outcomes:

- Physicians

- Pharmacists

- Psychologists

- Registered Dietitians

- Kinesiologists

- Chronic Diseases Management Nurses

Your Clients

My Viva Plan gives your clients the tools they need to take their health into their own hands. With this tool, you can increase your client’s engagement, provide daily support, and provide a unique way to manage their health. My Viva Plan focuses on mind, nutrition, and fitness to help your clients manage chronic health conditions and achieve whole-body health.
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Healthcare Professionals know best

"So many patients struggle with making the change to their lifestyle habits that they know will improve their health. They don’t know how where to start or don’t stick with it. I find that My Viva Plan provides an easy way for patients to become engaged in their health and build the skills that will result in long term change and much better health."

Dr Doug Klein, Edmonton

Family Physician

"I find MVP helps my clients better understand their own bodies, and their own world. It empowers them to better understand the daily steps they need to take to feel like the best version of themselves. It gives them the right tools to make life-long sustainable changes that honor and nourish their body."

Kelsey Hagen, Revive Wellness Inc.

Registered Dietitian