4 Tips to Overcome Your Fitness Plateau

4 Tips to Overcome Your Fitness Plateau

Typically, when one starts with either a new meal plan or has fresh vigor to start working out again, progress just happens.  People lose weight, fat almost falls off the body, muscle seems to appear like the coming spring, progress is made with different exercises, and the whole world is right.

In the world of health and personal training, a “plateau” refers to what happens when progress is no longer being made even though that individual is doing everything right in regards to both nutrition and fitness.  This is different than a being in a dreaded “rut”, which is more of a result of just not being able to get going.

If you’ve hit a plateau try these tips:

1. Choose a Different Definition of Success

There’s not one right way to measure progress.Try using a measuring tape instead of a scale, try measuring speed instead of strength, try measuring endurance instead of power, etc.If you can simply shift your focus a little bit, this new form of goal-setting will really help.

2. Go To Bed

Sleep is one of the most important components to your health and it affects weight loss.If you’re not getting enough of it, this can really hinder your progress. Don’t underestimate this very important factor to your health, and its ability to break through a plateau.

3. Create New Habits

Sometimes we plateau because we only just do the same things, over and over and over again…

It’s time to switch things up! It doesn’t need to be drastic, it just needs to shock your body enough to shake it from its routine. Figure out what you do, and then try doing things differently.

4. Relax

It doesn’t seem very motivating to end on this one, but it’s very important. Sometimes when we focus on our lack of progress, it can be very depressing. Don’t let stress and fretting contribute to your length of time on a plateau. Let it go! Give your body a chance to relax. Forgive yourself. Then, get moving again!


By Al Richardson, your personal MVP Trainer