How To Start A Workout Routine

How To Start A Workout Routine

If you are feeling intimidated by the idea of a workout routine, follow these 5 tips!


1. Start now!

Recently I came across a Nike slogan that said, “Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow.”  Well, tomorrow is here!  People will often wait until a new week, a new month, a new year before they pursue their goals. But there is no “right time” to begin. Let go of perfection and just start small.


2. Prepare First…

This second tip might seem contradictory to the first, and in some ways it is.But, in order to be successful, there has to be a combination of “let’s-do-this” and “let’s-be-smart-about-this”.Without exception, people who are well prepared are the most successful. This pertains especially to fitness. Do you know when your next workout will be?Do you know what you will do during that workout? Take some time to thoughtfully come up with a plan. Or join My Viva Plan and we’ll set it up for you!


3. Don’t Make Up For Lost Time…

There is a very real temptation that you will be faced with if you show up at the gym for the first time in weeks/months/years.The temptation will be to make up for lost time, which will lead to overdoing it, which will lead to soreness, which will lead to injury, which will lead to giving up Prepare to ease into your routine. This will benefit you in the long run. 


4. Create A Habit

For the first 3 weeks, commit to 3-4 workouts each week.If you can do this, there will be changes that happen in your body and in your mind.The changes that happen in your mind are the changes that lead to life-long habits being formed.You’ll notice that they are formed when missing a workout becomes an irritant, rather than a nice break. Be unswerving with your plan, and you’ll reach your goals quickly.


5. Do Something In The Morning That Matters

What if every morning, you focused your mind by declaring who it is that you want to become?You don’t have to be a person who wakes up for a 2-hour workout, but those first thoughts of your day really matter.To have proper thoughts first thing in the morning, I encourage you to start with goals and values.Some people will write this as a creed – a set of values or beliefs that will guide their actions. Reading this creed the first thing in the morning can really help to get your mind right.To do so takes as little as 30 seconds.For the first decision of every day, take some time after waking up, to get your mind right, to pursue your day with vigor and intentionality.


And it’s that simple, building a workout routine doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with these 5 steps and in no time it will be part of your everyday routine!


By Al Richardson, your personal MVP trainer