Prevent and manage chronic health conditions with My Viva Plan®

How to market My Viva Plan®
within your practice

You now have the best resource to help your clients take control of their health!

3 simple things to remember



Tell your existing clients about My Viva Plan and how it will help them


Use Social Media

Social Media is a great way to attract new clients and share updates about your business


Focus on the benefits

What every client wants to know is how the product makes life easier for them


Launch an awareness campaign on your social media platforms

Let your followers know that you have an exciting new update for them. This helps show that as a healthcare professional, you are always looking for ways to make your clients be the best versions of themselves.

Initial Launch Text Idea:
We are excited to announce that we are now official providers of My Viva Plan. This digital program will help you take control of your health and meet your goals. How we fuel our bodies, move our bodies, and engage our minds are all essential parts of our personal wellness. My Viva Plan is the only online wellness program of its kind that offers all three in an individualized plan. Ask me about how using My Viva Plan can help you reach your goals! 

Use this video.

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Follow Up Post Idea:
If you've been struggling with reaching your goals we have a program to help support you. By utilizing our new program, you will receive customized meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, fitness videos, yoga and much more. Next time you are in, please ask about how you can get started! 

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Follow Up Post Idea 2:

Needing some motivation when it comes to staying active. My Viva Plan not only focuses on nutrition, mental health, but also a variety of fitness workouts that will keep your heart racing and you feeling great. There is also a variety of yoga and meditation flows to choose from. Whole body wellness is truly covered through this program. Chat with us to get more information!

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For overall branding guidelines for My Viva Plan please check out this resource: Branding Guide (PDF).

Please check back as we are constantly adding to this site.  

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