My Viva Inc. leading the TREAT Consortium as 1 of 20 successful ITEA projects

My Viva Inc. leading the TREAT Consortium as 1 of 20 successful ITEA projects

Callie Wright

Canadian healthcare entrepreneur Loreen Wales, My Viva Inc. will be leading the TREAT Consortium as 1 of 20 successful ITEA projects.


EDMONTON, Canada – On Monday, March 27, 2023, ITEA (Innovation and Technology for European Advancement) announced 20 successful project labels that involved the culmination of 2751 person-years and 348 organizations from 22 different countries. One of the successful project labels is the TREAT Consortium, a collaboration of over 25 partner organizations from Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Turkiye, and Canada, led by Canadian entrepreneur Ms. Loreen Wales and her company My Viva Inc.


The TREAT Consortium will aim to help solve the management of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and transform the market value chain for managing NCDs through the development of an integrated platform. The platform tool will leverage digital health devices, sensors, and programs to enable and increase patient self-efficacy and self-management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, arthritis, depression, and anxiety.


The TREAT Consortium will consist of collaborators from various backgrounds, from healthcare to clinical researchers, engineers, AI/XR/AR/VR, programmers, and end-users, including hospitals, primary care, and insurance organizations.


Loreen Wales, My Viva Inc. is proud to be recognized as a project lead in this multi-jurisdictional  ITEA project and as the only female healthcare professional and the only female entrepreneur from Canada leading a project this year. The EU has funded the project, and the team is excited to continue its work in creating innovative health and wellness solutions.


“I am honoured to be the project lead for TREAT, and invigorated to find an incredible group of brilliant organizations and people globally who bring their diverse backgrounds and culture together to prove how technology can support our efforts in reducing non-communicable diseases such as cardiometabolic conditions globally.”



My Viva Inc.

My Viva Inc. is a revolutionary health and wellness platform that uses data-driven technologies to create personalized health plans. The app provides users with personalized programs and tools that allow them to take control of their health and well-being.


My Viva Inc. was created by a team of experts in the fields of health and technology. The team includes professionals with expertise in health informatics, artificial intelligence, data science, and software engineering. The success of My Viva Plan is due to its innovative use of technology to create personalized health plans for users. The platform leverages data-driven technologies to provide users with tailored health and wellness advice. In addition, the platform is designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to use.



The ITEA project, short for Information and Communication Technology for European Advancement, was launched in 2008. It was created to support the development of innovative products, services and processes in key areas of ICT. In particular, the project focuses on collaborative research, development and demonstration activities in the fields of advanced software engineering, embedded systems, digital media and industrial ICT.


Over the course of its lifetime, the ITEA has seen more than 600 projects, with nearly 1000 participants from over 250 companies, research institutes and universities. The project has also successfully demonstrated proof-of-concepts and products in several industrial sectors, including automotive, aerospace, engineering, healthcare and energy.


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