5 Ways to Enjoy Canned Tuna

5 Ways to Enjoy Canned Tuna

Generally when you reach for canned tuna, it’s out of desperation for a quick and easy meal. Let’s change that mentality and use it to your advantage- although it is an excellent protein in a pinch option, it can be used for more than just a basic tuna salad! Here are five ways to incorporate this healthy and convenient protein into your meals and snacks.


1. Protein Packed Snacks

If you are in the mood for a creamy snack idea, combine canned tuna with plain Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard and spices of choice. Use it as a dip with your favorite vegetables for a high protein snack option!


2. Super Sandwiches

For a different take on your typical sandwiches, try having an open faced, Greek inspired option. Combine tuna with dried or fresh basil, hummus, chopped cherry tomatoes and chopped olives. Serve with sliced cucumbers on the side for a balanced meal!


3. Not Your Average Tuna Salad

To create an alternative to regular tuna salad, combine tuna with plain Greek yogurt, chopped apple, celery, dill and walnuts. Serve the apple tuna salad mixture over a bed of your favorite leafy greens, like kale or spinach!


4. Pizza with a Punch

If you are a fan of pizza, try making this nutritious version at home. Top a whole wheat tortilla with tomato sauce that has been mixed with your favorite spices, followed by a layer of canned tuna. Fill your pizza with chopped vegetables, such as mushrooms and bell peppers. Sprinkle with part skim mozzarella cheese or feta cheese, and bake in the oven until the cheese has melted and the tortilla is slightly crispy.


5. Protein Patties

For a quick and easy supper option, combine a can of tuna with one egg, spices, chopped bell peppers, spinach and a splash of lemon juice. Form into small patties and bake in the oven or cook in a frying pan. Top with avocado and salsa for a satisfying protein. Pair with roasted sweet potato and vegetables to complete your meal!

Next time you are in a pinch try these easy ways to enjoy your canned tuna!