Lower your healthcare claims costs and increase long term ROI

By embedding My Viva Plan in benefit and union agreement plans, you stand to save millions in claims costs starting in Year 1. We exist to save you money where nothing else can.

Achieve Corporate Wellness

We help empower employees to take control of their health.

Lower Healthcare Costs

We help businesses save health benefit plan costs by reducing absenteeism and promoting productivity.

Better Return On Investment

Your business could be saving over $1,000 per employee every year by taking small steps in improving the health of employees through My Viva Plan®

This is How Much Businesses Are Losing

It’s no secret that healthcare costs continue to account for a growing share of many organizations’ benefit outlays, leaving some to make cuts, share costs with employees and outsource select services. Let’s look at the facts…

 $16bn annually to absenteeism.
$20bn in lost productivity costs due to physical and mental health issues that inhibit workers from performing to their full potential.
$20bn in annual disability costs to the Canadian economy.

Better Engagement and Long-Term Health Outcomes

We help organizations achieve corporate wellness by empowering employees to take control of their health. We help businesses lower health benefit plan costs, reduce absenteeism, and promote productivity.

My Viva Plan® is an evidence-based digital wellness program built by regulated healthcare professionals. It is focused on three important pillars of self-care: mind, nutrition and fitness. Our digital health program is a solution to the modern day-to-day problems faced by Canadians but more importantly, it offers immediate and highly effective ways to cope with what we are facing in our communities. These problems end up affecting businesses in a major way.

My Viva Plan® leverages the existing healthcare tools available into one, easy-to-use digital treatment program.

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