Case Studies


Category: Diabetes Prevention

A gentleman in his 50’s was recently diagnosed with diabetes with an A1C of 7.0%, Fasting Blood glucose of 7.9 mmol/L, and an HDL of 0.97 mmol/L.  This client had previously quit smoking and was concerned with his current weight at 230lbs.  The client’s doctor had recommended seeking out Registered Dietitian support, to start home blood glucose monitoring and revaluate the bloodwork in 3 months.

The client’s goals for working with the Registered Dietitian were to learn about healthy eating as well as ways to minimize his risk with diabetes.  Using My Viva Plan as well as strategies individualized with coaching sessions with the Registered Dietitian the client began addressing reducing eating out, consistency with meals, increasing vegetables, decreasing snacking and more consistent physical activity with walking.

After 4 months blood work was repeated and in only a short time the client was able to see objective changes already to the behaviour changes that he was implementing.  The A1C had reduced to 6.1% (a ~13% decrease), Fasting Blood Glucose decreased to 6.2 mmol/L (a ~22% decrease), weight had reduced to 209 pounds (9% decrease) and HDL had increased to 1.03 mmol/L (an increase of 6%).