Camping Hacks for Balanced Eating

Camping Hacks for Balanced Eating

While there are few things better than the taste of a fire-roasted smokie after a long day of hiking and exploring, balanced eating is still possible and important on camping tripsParticularly if camping is a large part of your weekends this summer, continuing to make progress in your own health journey can be impacted and leave you feeling frustrated if meals aren’t planned and prepared ahead of time.

Here are a few camping hacks that will help to keep you on track this summer:

  • Prepare ahead: invest in a good quality cooler and camp stove. Having these two simple tools will significantly increase the variety of food that is available to you. It will ensure that you can keep food fresh for longer and cook foods so they are safe to consume.


  • Continue with regular meals and snacks just as you would at home. Camping often involves higher levels of movement throughout the day – make sure you are fuelling yourself well to avoid over indulging in trail mix or salty chips in the evenings.


  • Don’t skip the protein. One easy way to ensure you are getting enough protein, especially at breakfast, is to layer rolled oats with Greek yogurt, berries and some flaxseed before leaving for easy overnight oats. Another great option is to make your own oatmeal baggies with dried fruit, nuts and a scoop of chocolate protein powder and simply add boiled water. This is a lightweight option and easy to bring to last you for several days without spoiling. Keep protein at snacks simple to mixed nuts, energy balls, beef jerky and dry roasted legumes as you will likely not have access to a cooler when hiking or out and about.


  • Veggies still matter. Bring along cut up veggies that will be easy to store in a cooler and enjoy them with some hummus or dip while the hot foods are cooking. Wait until after a full meal has been enjoyed before bringing out the salty/sweet treats to reduce over indulging in these foods.

And always keep in mind that it is ok to enjoy a couple s’mores or your favourite camping snack. Food is meant to be enjoyed and will often play an important role in creating memories that will last a life-time.

Check out a sample meal plan for camping here:

Revive Wellness Inc.