Hidden Christmas Superfoods

Hidden Christmas Superfoods

‘Tis the season for treats and sweets! What if I told you that there are a handful of superfoods hiding behind the box of chocolates and endless cartons of eggnog? These superfoods are often overlooked, but are a common part of many holiday celebrations, foods that are not only tasty and versatile, but are also packed full of nutrients.



Look no further than the bowl of nuts you have sitting on your coffee table waiting to be cracked. Walnuts are a satisfying snack to get you from lunch to supper and are also full of an essential fat called omega 3. This means that this type of fat is needed for health even though our bodies cannot synthesize it on our own; rather, we need to ingest it from food. Omega 3 fats have many roles in the body, but most importantly they reduce inflammation and keep your brain and heart healthy. Walnuts are also a source of protein, fibre and vitamin E!



One of the few fruits native to North America, these berries are also filled with fibre and vitamin C. That means cranberries can help keep your bowel movement regular and your immune system strong. Moreover, their antioxidant properties have been shown to be beneficial for maintaining a healthy oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract. Whether you enjoy them as a dried snack, baked into a loaf or added to a smoothie, your body will thank you for including cranberries in your diet.



When it comes to side dishes, squash beats out many of its competitors in the department of health. It has fewer calories and a lower carbohydrate count compared to sweet potatoes. Rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium, you are also doing your bones, heart and muscles a favour, as these are vital minerals for day to day body function. Additionally, squash is an excellent way to get vitamins A, B, C and E, which contribute to keeping your eyes and skin healthy, keeping your immune system strong and reducing inflammation.

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