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You now have a chronic disease management system for you and your patients - My Viva Plan®

Less than 1% of care happens in the clinic setting, and the rest occurs outside the clinic.

Chronic disease management requires patients to change lifestyle behaviours which is hard, takes time and requires support from their healthcare team. But clinicians have limited time with patients, making chronic disease management a challenge.

What is My Viva Plan®?

My Viva Plan® is a lifestyle management program that helps support clinicians and enables patients to manage chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. We understand that chronic disease management requires three key features: patient, clinical team and a standardized program the patient has access to at home to help teach them how to manage their health. The system needs to integrate mental and physical health, customizing care to meet patients’ individual needs and combine auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning to build self-efficacy. That is where My Viva Plan® comes in. My Viva Plan® integrates the three core components of self-care:
Mental health, nutrition and fitness programming.

Tune in to the "Creating a win-win for your patients and your clinic" webinar to see the latest digital treatment focused on changing lifestyle habits that cause chronic illnesses.

Creating a win-win for your patients and your clinic

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3 simple things to remember about My Viva Plan®


Makes your clinic more efficient

My Viva Plan improves clinic efficiency by up to 50%.


Empowers patients

Creates an accountability structure for patient and clinician


Clinically validated

Validated by the Institute of Health Economics


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